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Outdoor Fun For All Ages – Dr. James A. Dillon Park

Those from Noblesville looking for outdoor entertainment will likely be spoiled for choice after they visit Dr. James A. Dillon Park. This park, which was established in 2007 has something for all ages. The park spans 77.5 acres and was established to honor the memory of Dr. James A. Dillon, who practiced inside the town for 50 years. It really is a fitting tribute to a man who also served on the Noblesville Parks and Recreation Board for a great deal of that points.

There could be not many more fitting tributes to your man who served so selflessly compared to the sounds of youngsters simply enjoying the many attractions of these lovingly maintained grounds. There is something for every single age bracket.

Firstly there is a wonderful playground, in which the younger family members will discover ample to occupy their minds – and savor welcome opportunities to function off excess energy. The mulch covered ground welcomes exploration of slides, swings, and a variety of other traditional playground options. For toddlers that have expended their energy – as well as their parents, the overhanging trees would be the perfect shady spots for any picnic – and perhaps a nap.

Another end in the park has attractions geared to the slightly older youngsters. The curly slide is constantly in demand along with the tilting attractions are an evergreen reminder to older folks from the sheer joy of being a young child – even if it is in a step removed from actually joining in the fun.

Then there is the splash pad, which attracts children of any age (and adults who may want to enjoy the slightly guilty pleasure of dipping their toes in the water). Sprinklers and sprays keep the fun going – along with the abundance of picnic tables around the attraction suggest that refueling for further fun is produced easy (there’s additionally a grill for many who desire to indulge in the evergreen hot dog grilling experience). Additionally, there are restrooms (with changing tables) and drinking fountains (plus a soda vending machine).

For those who would like to get some simple exercises, there is a paved path appropriate for trikes, bikes, and a stroll. Pursuing the path can take those enjoying an outing to your free library where wonderful flower beds and benches aplenty.

Returning to nature is also a possibility. Kirkendall Creek meanders with the park. Wandering its banks (or perhaps dipping into its waters) will reveal minnows and birdlife galore. It will be the perfect antidote for an increasingly stressed world – and allows the younger generation to experience simply being children out in the greenery.

There’s also the opportunity to enjoy disk golf from the park (fun for both adults and children of any age) and the skatepark (with benches, drinking fountains as well as a restroom).

The Pavillion, which may seat up to 4,000 people hosts summer concerts – and is also pet friendly, with drinking fountains to keep four-legged companions hydrated.

With the much to do, Dr. James A. Dillon Park is the perfect place to go for a day out with the youngsters. It simply must not be missed. Overcome your fear with unforgettable adventures! Visit Edge Adventures Aerial Park.

Dr. James A. Dillon Park in Noblesville, IN

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