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Edge Adventures Aerial Parks: Koteewi Park – Indianapolis

Edge Adventures have indeed crafted a good name for themselves inside the tourism and adventure industry. They may have three amazing parks to offer, all of these share the identical concept — Taking participants towards the edge by overcoming their fear with unforgettable adventures! First is the famous Koteewi Park, second is Deep River Water Park, and finally is Rum Village, a park set inside 160 acres of rolling woodlands and wildlife.

In the Noblesville area, will not hesitate to go to the renowned Koteewi aerial park to take pleasure from the wonder nature has to offer within a new, unique, and adventurous way! It really is located on 11800 Koteewi Drive Noblesville, IN 46060. From US 3, Head East on E. 236th Street, take a right onto Essig Ave then the right to Koteewi Drive. From IN-37, Head North on Essig Avenue then take left on Koteewi Drive. With the, what’s to savor in Edge Adventures – Koteewi Park?

The park features 5 amazing treetop courses that are 60ft above ground which challenges adventurers on their anxiety about heights and stability. Here, there are various challenges and obstacles, over 50 actually, and ziplines to provide onto the thrill and excitement. There is something for all, meaning that families, schools, churches, corporate organizations, and individuals coming from all avenues of life will likely enjoy their time here.

The very idea of an aerial adventure park is pretty impressive, as you would expect. First, regardless of how many visitors in one day, week, or year the park may have, the wildlife and natural plants underneath remain untouched. All challenges in Koteewi Park are essentially found in the trees above. The greater a climber progresses in challenges, the harder they become. Simply put, the next course increases in height and obstacle difficulty, making it tougher, plus more stimulating.

The very best a part of aerial adventure parks in the fact that climbers get to be birds. At some point, everyone will definitely want to explore nature in the birds-eye view, after many years of walking and observing things from man’s perspective. So, when visiting Koteewi adventure park, climbers become birds, monkeys, butterflies, name it! They get to enjoy wildlife from within the trees, take pleasure in the clean air, amazing views, along with the adrenaline of risking a fall – Not there are any changes because the park is secure, safe and it has the proper protective gear because of its climbers.

The ability starts with selecting the challenge level which is appropriate based on the age restriction. The first course may be the yellow course with 2 climber courses. This is the easiest and is also ideal for beginners and younglings. The green course follows which is moderately difficult with only one course. Finally, is definitely the blue course which includes 2 courses at the same time, which is extremely hard, but features a rush of adrenaline. As the course gets harder, age restrictions are put in place for safety.

In each level, there is a group of elements to help make the knowledge worthwhile. Ladders take climbers up the treetops, while bridges swing, dip, rock and sway as climbers make their way across one area of the park to a different. There are suspended climbs where adventure lovers must traverse the nets, walls, and obstacles from one tree to another. Additionally are the tight ropes to keep balance, and zip lines that consider the exhilaration to a higher level. Lastly, will be the canopy platforms where climbers can catch their breath and enjoy impeccable views!

It is actually a worthwhile time at Koteewi aerial park the best of this of all is all safety equipment like helmets & harnesses are given so people can release their fear and enjoy the period of their life! Looking for a historic charm that not any other city in Hamilton County has? Visit Potter’s Bridge.

Edge Adventures Aerial Park in Noblesville, IN

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