Potter’s Bridge

The History of Potter’s Bridge and How to proceed There

Noblesville’s historic downtown square has a historic charm that not one other city in Hamilton County has. And when it comes to historical importance, you shouldn’t miss Potter’s Bridge during times of Noblesville.

Past of Potter’s Bridge

Richard F. Lytle owned the land on what you see Potter’s Bridge today. He deeded the land to his only daughter, Sarah Elizabeth Lytle, who got married to William A. Potter. That’s the way the land then went to the Potter family. They later deeded the land as well as the bridge to Hamilton County.

Potter’s Bridge is already one of the more popular tourist spots in Noblesville. Have you any idea this is the last of your original covered bridge that exists within this county? The Organization of Hamilton County and Josiah Durfee came together to create this bridge in 1870. They finished constructing the bridge by 1871, initially naming it Potter’s Ford Covered Bridge.

It measures 20 feet tall, 246 feet long, and 22 feet wide. Back then, architects faced various issues to build long bridges. Although the Hamilton County Commissioners finally gave permission to construct this bridge in October 1870. Covered bridges also initiated the need for better roadways that might connect the towns and countryside of Hamilton County.

The poor upkeep of the bridge forced the county officials to close it for vehicle travel in 1971. It took almost 7 years to mend this bridge. In 1978, it caused it to be for the list inside the Indiana Historic Sites and Structures Inventory. Later, the National Register of Historic Places also listed Potter’s Bridge within its books in 1991.

What you can do in Potter’s Bridge?

All of the historic facts aside, have you figured out why Potter’s Bridge is certainly a well-known tourist spot in Noblesville? Well, it’s a spot where you could go fishing with the family, ride on the canoe launch, mess around together with your kids from the huge ground, and arrange a picnic with your family and friends.

Moreover, the bridge provides a stunning look at the White River. It is additionally the place to start in the White Greenway Trail that spans so long as 3.25 miles down the river. If you like boating or desire to go hiking on the paved trail, you shouldn’t miss visiting Potter’s Bridge.

This bridge has become the center of attraction in Potter’s Bridge Park. It is an incredible destination to observe wildlife inside their natural habitat. If you like to observe colorful birds, you should come early in the morning together with your camera and binoculars.

You may also arrive at Potter’s Bridge in October to celebrate the Potter’s Bridge Fall Festival. The festival features greater than 100 exhibitor booths, craft booths, stalls for local foods, and games for children. It is comparable to the greatest fair in Hamilton County.

With the number of activities to do and appreciate, you should keep Potter’s Bridge in your must-visit places in your trip to Noblesville. It’s truly a splendid place where you can take your lover and even all of your family. Looking for a tourist excursion railroad and it’s also a nonprofit? Visit Nickel Plate Express.

Potter’s Bridge in Noblesville, IN

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