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Discovering ants can be an unfortunate situation because these are some of the most difficult pests to eliminate and keep away from a property. Because of how small ants are, they have no problem getting inside your property via the tiniest opening or crack. Once inside, they’ll go off in search of food and water. This is why they often end up in the kitchen and other food preparation areas.

noblesville ant control

As ants scurry across your counters, floors, etc, they are leaving a scent trail behind that you cannot see but that other ants can follow. Ants will create a nest in any given location inside and around a home. A single colony can contain up to 500,000 ants and they have no problem swiftly relocating if the need arises. Unfortunately, ants do not have a short life span. Workers can live around 7 years and a queen, as many as 15 years.


Many property owners first seek out the best methods for treating and controlling ants in the home via a DIY method. Sadly enough, many times these methods are not effective or simply eliminate the ants you’re visibly seeing while leaving the others that are hidden.

Our professional Noblesville ant control services consist of commercial-grade solutions that are designed to get rid of the ants and help control any future ant invasions. You can learn more and schedule an inspection by calling our Noblesville ant control specialists at (317) 219-4260 today.

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