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You are not alone if you’ve been observing a spike in the number of beetles on or around your property. If they’re getting inside we encourage you to call our Noblesville beetle exterminators today.


Some beetles may look like a cockroach upon don’t be fooled, this is a common misconception. There are many different sizes and colors of beetles in Noblesville but our Noblesville beetle control techs can exterminate them regardless of what kind or how large they are.

Many beetles will eat plants, other small insects and even animal fibres. Some can be a huge nuisance to anyone with a garden or who has crops. Other beetles can actually be beneficial to an extent – the lady bug (asian beetle) for example can be helpful because it preys on other insects that are damaging to your crops and garden.

Regardless of what kind of beetle is invading your personal space, our Noblesville beetle control experts are ready to help you find relief. Just call (317) 219-4260 today and learn more about our superior beetle treatments and ask us about our preventative treatments if you have regular pest issues.

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